GraphIt RL®

Welcome to GraphIt RL®

GraphIt RL was designed to allow you to visualize the data you have collected from from your Red Lion™ equipment. GraphIt RL allows you to quickly and easily view your Red Lion™ data files. This is great for trouble shooting or looking for deeper insight into what is going on with your processes. Everyone knows that viewing your data with Excel or other applications leads to frustration and a sense that there must be a better way. Look no further than GraphIt RL®. GraphIt RL takes data plotting to the next level.

Why GraphIt RL® ?


The software is simple to use. Anyone can learn to use the software in only a few minutes and a curve can be plotted with only a few clicks. The straight forward workflow makes it quick and enjoyable to analyze your data.


Drill down and visualize your data faster and like never before. Effortlessly cut through 100's of thousands of data points to locate your points of interest.


When it comes to industrial and technical software, the price can be quite steep. GraphIt RL® is affordably priced and generous volume discounts are available for customers who want to purchase multiple licenses.


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